Learn More Rust: Questions

Questions you should be able to answer at the end of this step:

  1. Make sure to be able to answer all questions of step (1).
  2. What is cargo and why does it exist?
  3. What kind of extensions exist for Cargo, how do we install them, how do we use them and what are some commonly used ones?
  4. What is the Cargo.toml file?
  5. What is the Cargo.lock file?
  6. What are build scripts? Why do we use these? How do we use these?
  7. How can we build code? How do we test code?
  8. How can we check code without building the final binaries?
  9. How do we make a simple CLI application? How do we pass arguments and flags? How do we handle signals?
  10. How can we structure our code and package(s)?
  11. What does public and private mean in the context of Rust? At what scope do these operate?