Appendix VI. More Material

Learning to master a language has a beginning but it doesn't have an ending. You'll want to continue to learn, teach others and keep up to date. In this appendix you'll find material to help you with all this and more.

Keep up to date

Official Blogs:

Conferences. There are many and even more meetups and other small gatherings. Here we'll only list the bigger (still active) conferences:


  • Rustacean Station is a pretty great podcast with very interesting guests and even more interesting knowledge to share. Listen to it, you won't regret:
  • In order to learn Rust you can also listen to the New Rustacean podcast, which is a podcast about learning Rust:
    • It no longer airs, but its content remains useful and available


  • "This week in Rust" is a weekly newsletter helping you stay up to date with Rust from the lazy comfort of your Mailbox. Easy. They can also be read online in case you prefer a browser instead or do not want to subscribe for w/e reason.
    • Blog articles from the community get shared here as well, some accessible to new comers to Rust, others a bit more advanced
    • They also share VOD's of recent conferences, e.g. the issue in which they share the rust talks from FOSDEM 2023: This Week in Rust 481 · This Week in Rust
  • "Rust Magazine": an online magazine dedicated to Rust


community curated crate lists:


Free Rust Resources that we haven't mentioned yet, but are great to read at one point or another:

If you learn by doing and haven't gotten enough from the resources we linked already in "Learn more Rust", here are some more tips:

A blog you might want to RSS subscribe to is Amos's his blog which is always fun to read, be it sometimes a bit heavy:

A nice reference sheet if you need one can be found at: