Appendix V. Python / Javascript Developers

In case you come from Python or Javascript you can alternatively replace the first four steps of this learning guide with a single book. Rust Web Programming (Packt Publishing) aims to get web developers (including Python developers) started with Rust and has a very pragmatic approach.

Given how important Async is in our work environment it is still worth to go through section (3) "Learn Async Rust" to make sure you do really grasp that very well. It is also where a lot of your Rust knowledge starts to come together, so if you get that you know you're on the right track.

Should you after completing this book (even if partly) want to have some more hands on experience you can opt to never the less do section (4) as well and go through the "Zero to Production in Rust" book

However, in case you are confident you did get all the foundational concepts of Rust and want to just develop stuff already and get it "into your fingers" you might want to opt to after this (and before jumping onto section (5)) read "Rust In Action" first. It gives a lot of fun things to build. Alternatively you can check the "Learn More Rust: Extra" part of section (2) Learn more Rust, where we also go over many ideas for you to get more experience and help you solidify your Rust knowledge.

The "Rust in Action" book can also be seen as yet another alternative all together, as it is also aimed at introducing Rust to people who never did any Systems programming, So you could also do it instead of the Rust Web Programming book.

Do you ever want to develop something using both Rust and Python?